Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

A boiler is used for generating steam. It does this by heating water to its boiling point, after which steam will evaporate from it. When you boil a kettle of water, you will shut off the fire or electric power when the water comes to a boil.

Generation of steam is a continuous process. Once a boiler is generating steam, it may take quite a long while before it is stopped. When steam is evaporated from the water, new water has to be added in to replace the water given out.

As more and more steam is evaporated, the water becomes more and more concentrated with salts and other impurities. If you use your kettle for a long while, you will see some chalky deposits inside it. The fresh water supplied to replenish those lost through evaporation cannot be pure and free from salts.

Nova extensive range of traditional and technically advanced boiler water treatment chemicals have been specifically developed to be used across a range of process and industrial boiler treatment applications. Nova’s superior quality boiler products and specialist additives focus on improving the operational efficiency of steam boilers.

Our range of both traditional and technically advanced products includes the following:
  • NOVA - 50 - Hardnesss Remover.
  • NOVA - 55 - Sludge conditioner.
  • NOVA - 52 - pH & Alkalinity builder.
  • NOVA - 51 - Oxygen Scavanger.
  • NOVA - FIR - Fireside Chemical.

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